We advocate the integration of the scientific spirit and Confucian culture

  • Li Guangming, the founder, established Chuanxi Chemical Construction Company with the help of the reform and opening-up policy. He ventured into chemical trade, thereby opening the door to Chanhen business thenceforth.

  • Li Jin joined Chuanxi Chemical Construction as an accountant. During this period, he recognized and seized the opportunity for the development of phosphate feed.

  • Li Jin registered Hengchang Phosphate Factory, marking the beginning of an independent journey in R&D as well as production of phosphoric acid products.

  • Chuanxi Chemical Construction and Hengchang Phosphate Factory were merged, and the business was transitioned to the production and sales of phosphate feed. “Chuan” and “Heng” in their names were taken to create the new name “Chanhen”.

  • Sichuan Chanhen Chemical Co., Ltd. was registered and established. The annual production capacity of calcium phosphate reached 30,000 tons.