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Chanhen Group is a private enterprise with diversified investment and group management, primarily engaged in the phosphorus chemical industry and phosphate ore mining. Its parent company is Sichuan Chanhen Holding Group Co., Ltd., which was registered and established in Shifang City, Sichuan Province, in 1999, with a current registered capital of approximately 120 million CNY. By the end of 2023, Chanhen Group’s assets had surpassed CNY 10 billion, and its annual profit and tax revenue had surpassed 1 billion CNY.

Chanhen Group implements a management structure of “group headquarter +member enterprises”. Its member enterprises include Guizhou Chanhen Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Chanhen”, stock code 002895), JooBank, Zheng-Xin.ORG, Enatrium, etc., with more than 3500 employees.

The phosphorus chemical industry of Chanhen is the group’s core business, with Chanhen at its core. It is the home to subsidiaries including Chanhen Eco-Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Chanhen Logistics Co., Ltd., Guizhou Chanfert Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Pengyue Eco-Technology Co., Ltd, etc. The company’s two core products - monocalcium phosphate feed grade and monoammonium phosphate firefighting grade - hold significant market shares in China. Its production technology for monocalcium phosphate feed grade products is in leading position in the Asia Pacific region, and the sales of which have remained among the tops in China ever since 2005, with a global market share of about 20%. The monoammonium phosphate firefighting grade has effectively filled the gap of the high-performance firefighting monoammonium phosphate market in China, and its sales have been consistently at the forefront of the industry since 2011.

Chanhen’s mineral resources sector revolves around Guizhou Fulin Mining Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Fulin Mining”), with over 170 million tons of phosphate ore reserves. After capacity expansion and technological enhancements, the mine has implemented both mechanical and digital mining methods, resulting in a current high-quality phosphate mining capacity of 3 million tons/year. A modern and efficient green mine has begun to take shape. Chanhen also controls 49% of the equity of Weng’an Tianyi Mining Co., Ltd. Tianyi Mining owns the rights to the Laohudong Phosphate Mine in Weng’an County, which has 370 million tons of high-quality phosphate ore reserves and is currently undergoing engineering construction. Upon completion, it will achieve an annual phosphate ore mining and ores-beneficiation capacity of 5 million tons.

The financial business sector adopts the mission of “assisting supply chain credit transactions”, with various licenses such as micro-credit and credit investigation. It has consistently pursued supply chain innovation and the integration of industry and finance. Since 2015, the company has provided credit assessment and financial support for over 6000 clients with a total amount of 2.1 billion CNY. This achievement has earned its recognition as an excellent micro-credit company in Sichuan and a provincial-level industry business card.

In the new stage of development, Chanhen proposed the strategic concept of “based on phosphorus but above phosphorus”. With the phosphorus and fluorine resources in the phosphorus ores, Chanhen integrates lithium resources to foster the development of a green circular economy. Relying on its resources and technological advantages, Chanhen has quickly transitioned into the new energy material area and vigorously developed phosphorus and fluorine battery materials.