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The phosphorus chemical industry and phosphate rock development are the core mainstay industries of Chanhen Group, with Guizhou Chanhen Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as: Chanhen) serving as the central organization. Production bases are located in Fuquan, Guizhou, Shifang, Sichuan and Fusui, Guangxi. Large phosphate rocks are located in Weng’an and Fuquan, Guizhou. The company has a registered capital of 542 million CNY, a production and marketing capacity of more than 1 million tons per year, and annual sales revenue of 5 billion CNY. After two decades of growth, the company has established a circular economy industrial cluster in the phosphorus chemical sector. This cluster encompasses a range of services including phosphorus nutrition technology, phosphorus ore mining, and phosphorus resource-intensive processing.

Chanhen rapidly entered the new energy materials market and is aggressively developing phosphorus and fluorine battery materials by leveraging its resource and technological advantages. Iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate.Have emerged as industry leaders in their respective fields.

100Production and sales capacity of more than 1 million tons
50Annual sales revenue exceeding RMB 5 billion


A leading dicalcium phosphate provider in the Asia Pacific area and a key contributor to the establishment of national standards for Monocalcium Phosphate Feed Grade.

It is a pioneer in the development of customized monoammonium phosphate, with its Firefighting Monoammonium Phosphate holding a significant market share.

The first domestically developed “CH Hemi-Hydrate Wet-Process Phosphoric Acid Production Technology Development and Industrialization” in China has been recognized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation as being at “the international advanced level of similar technology”.

The “Hemi-Hydrate Wet-Process Phosphogypsum as a Modified Type of Self-Coagulating Material Filling Technology” successfully passed the expert review and was identified as “the international leading level”.

The“Application Research and Engineering Demonstration of Low Carbon Pavement and Subgrade Materials Prepared from Dolomitic Phosphorus Tailings” was identified as being at the“international leading level”.

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